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Date: Mar 10, 2023 - Mar 12, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Online bookings are not available for this class, please see registration info below.

The Complete Neck Series

NCBTMB approved workshop

16 or 20 CE hours         

(10 student maximum)

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Friday, Saturday & Sunday

March 10-12, 2023


20 CEs                                 $500

     Friday 12-4 pm;

     Sat. & Sun. 9-6 pm

 Early Bird Special            $400

(before February 24th, 2023)


16 CEs                                  $400

     Sat. & Sun. 9-6 pm

Early Bird Special              $350

(before February 25th, 2023)

The Complete Neck Series is a comprehensive workshop that explores working with the neck from 3 points-of-view; a myofascial approach, a neuromuscular approach, and a stretching approach (both active and passive stretching). The 16 CE class (Sat. & Sunday only) will start with an exploration of the different layers of tissue organization with special emphasis on the superficial fascial layer, and a comprehensive review of the evolutionary development of the spinal curves, and the biodynamic range and function of the cervical spine. The 20 CE class (Fri., Sat. & Sun.) will include an exploration of assessment techniques to evaluate postural integrity common in structural integration (tilt, shift, and bend), as well as orthopedic tests to assess structural and functional imbalances. Hands-on techniques will be demonstrated for helping to resolve imbalances from 3 different perspectives – a neuro, myofascial approach to treatment. 


Friday PM: (12-4 pm) 

Assessment: Walking/Standing Observation, Neck ROM

Orthopedic Testing

In this portion of the class, we will focus on assessment, using walking and standing postural assessment techniques, including active and passive ROM as well as orthopedic tests for assessing spinal disc involvement and nerve impingement.

Saturday AM: (9-1 pm)   

Lecture: Evolution of the Spine

Assessment: Tilt, Shift, Bend

In this class, we will explore the unique design of the human spine that allows for upright posture and movement and then begin to explore postural imbalances. We will explore a vocabulary for identifying postural imbalances in our clients and then look at common patterns of imbalance in the kinetic chain. Students will work with one another to identify postural imbalances and develop a plan for working to try to correct them.

Saturday PM: (2-6 pm) 

Lecture: Myofacial Tissue Organization

Myofascial Release Approach

This portion of the class will review tissue layers and the colloid properties of the myofascia in order to demonstrate myofascial techniques for alleviating neck stress and tension to improve postural imbalances. Students will work to release the fascial layer from their assessments to prepare the deeper layers for working.

Sunday AM: (9-1 pm)   

Neuro-muscular Techniques

Active/Passive Stretching Techniques

This class will explore AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) neck and shoulder techniques and an Eastern (Sotai) technique, targeting the muscle spindles to reduce muscle tension, in preparation for passive massage targeting the muscular system.

Sunday PM: (2-6 pm) 

Massage Techniques for the Head & Neck

We complete the series by targeting the muscular system. We will demonstrate massage techniques to capitalize on our preparation work, relaxing the nervous system and releasing the fascial system, in order to increase circulation and elongate shortened myofascial tissues.


This class is as much a process-orientated class as it is a class about learning new techniques with a strong focus on good body mechanics.

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