Thai Rx For The Lower Body: Hips to Toes

Date: Nov 5, 2020 - Nov 6, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Early Bird Ticket $375.00
Package of 3 Workshops $1,080.00

Nephyr Jacobsen

Early Bird Price (Register One Month Before Class): $375
Regular Price: $408
Package of 3 Workshops: $1080

Into the Microcosm
Spot Specific Rx Thai Bodywork Series
In this three-part series of workshops, we will leave behind the macrocosm of full-body massage and dive into the microcosm of spot specific treatment-oriented Thai bodywork. We will learn to address the body based on individual needs, embracing the ability to spend whatever amount of time we have, be it fifteen minutes or two hours, on a single section of the body with the intention of healing and alleviating aches and pains. Register for the whole series for $1080, or for individual classes.

Part Three: In this last spot-specific treatment class we focus on the microcosm of the lower body, zeroing in on hips, glutes, upper legs, knees, calves, and feet. Most entry level Thai massage classes are heavy on leg work, so in this class we unpack what that work is doing and expand on our ability to use the skills that most Thai massage therapists have in a new way. We will separate out the different areas of the lower body for deep targeted work and then put them back together for whole healthy legs and pelvises.

Nephyr Jacobsen is a student, practitioner, teacher, researcher, and writer on the subject of traditional Thai medicine and is the director and founder (and floor sweeper and sheet washer) of The Naga Center, School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine in Portland Oregon. Nephyr has been a massage therapist since she was 21 years old (she was born in ’69, so you can do the maths), and has been traveling to Thailand regularly since 1998 to study Thai bodywork, and the larger umbrella of traditional Thai medicine. She is a research maven, dedicated to understanding how Thai medicine has been historically practiced in Thailand prior to modern adaptations and shares her findings in an effort to assist in the preservation of traditional knowledge. Areas of research are inclusive of but not limited to: Thai medical theory, bodywork, herbal medicine, and prenatal/postpartum practices. Nephyr calls the upper left edge of Oregon home, but she and her family lived in the far north of Thailand for two years while she researched and wrote two books: Seven Peppercorns: Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers and (with co-author Pierce Salguero) Thai Herbal Medicine: Traditional Recipes for Health and Harmony.

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