Thai Massage Dojo I Intensive

Date: Jan 15, 2020 - Jan 18, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

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Reinhold, LMT

January 15th-18th, 10am-3:30pm
20 CEs (NCBTMB/NY Certified)
Early Bird (Before 12/31): $450
Regular Price: $477
Single Morning or Afternoon: $63 (No CEs)
Single Day: $126 (No CEs)


Dojo (道場 dōjō) is a Japanese term that literally means “place of the way.” If you would like to learn the ways of Thai Massage, our Dojo series is a good place to start. If you already have started a Thai Massage practice, our Dojo series is a good way to enhance and add to what you already know.

The Thai Massage Dojo series was originally devised because class time always ran short before everyone had a chance to practice all of the moves that were introduced in the 16-hour Thai 101 course. Thai Massage Dojo I has 10 lessons with more time to go deeper into the Thai Medicine theory and more time for everyone to experience the work from a partner and practice on each other as well.

Classes include topics for discussion, such as mindset and intention, Thai culture, and the rich history associated with the art of Thai massage. The demos include detailed explanations and time to practice each section more fully, along with opportunities to experience the work from a partner before moving on to more. We also have time for feedback from partners and a break in the middle of each day.

We have now reconfigured these ten two-hour lessons into eight parts over a four-day period. Each lesson is self-contained with theory and hands-on practice. Participants who attend a single class for only $63 can expect to learn new techniques and discover new ways of working, regardless of their principal modality. Students must complete all of the lessons in order to earn 20 CEs. Make-up classes are offered by arrangement.

Thai Massage Dojo I includes supine, side-lying, inverted and sitting positions.

Thai Massage Dojo II offers prone, supine, side-lying, sitting and inverted positions and will be scheduled later in the year. Dojo I and Dojo II offer a deeper dive into the same material that is introduced in Thai Massage 101 with more time to study and practice.

Reinhold, LMT began his study of Thai massage here in New York, but it quickly became evident to him that he needed to go to the source. He maintains a thriving Thai Massage private practice and is the director of CATA’s Thai Massage Program.
Thai Massage Intro: Swedish Institute, 2008, New York City
Thai Massage Certification: Old Medicine Hospital, 2008, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Teacher Certification: ITM, 2010, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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