Sports Massage 4: Sports-Specific Hands-on Protocols

Date: Apr 22, 2015
Time: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Russ Beasley, LMT
Wednesday, April 22 / 11am – 5:30pm
Full Price: $150
5 CE hour NCBTMB / NYS-certified

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The fourth in Russ Beasley’s four-part Sports Massage series

This course is geared toward therapists who may not necessarily work with professional athletes but who have clients who are dedicated amateur athletes, in both private practice and the health club/spa setting. There will be a brief discussion of muscle actions/kinesiology of various common sports, stressing the concept of looking at the movement and seeing how the muscles work. We will go over definitions of sprains, strains, and trigger points.

Tools will be demonstrated and available for students’ use, including L Bar, T Bar, and tennis balls. Fascial cupping will also be demonstrated.

We will cover:
Pre-Activity: Appropriate time frames and pressure engagement for pre-event massage, how to identify power muscles and stabilizing muscles for a particular activity (tennis, running, golf, skiing, cycling).

Post-Activity: Appropriate time frames for massage, cramp relief, pressure considerations, and targeting specific areas for each sport.

Post-Injury Recovery: Working with clients who are under a physician or PT’s care, minimizing recovery time post-event, and post surgical techniques (scar tissue mobilization), and healing times for muscle tears.

PNF Techniques: Tense & relax, post-isometric relaxation response, cramp relief (approximation ice massage, reciprocal inhibition), hyperstimulation analgesia (sustained compression to reset nervous system).

Russ Beasley Russ Beasley has been a NY State licensed massage therapist since 1990. Upon graduation from the Swedish Institute in Manhattan, he was hired as an instructor there and has been a faculty member ever since. In 2002, he was named the Senior Clinical Practitioner for the Western Massage Division of the Institute and is the only instructor to hold that title.

His classes at the Swedish Institute have covered all aspects of Western Technique levels as well as the Institute’s courses of Pathology and Assessment of Soft Tissue Conditions. Additionally, he was a supervisor in the PH LING Medical Clinic of the Swedish Institute for 12 years and has taught workshops for the college’s Continuing Education program and for CATA in NYC.

His professional massage career reflects work in health clubs, the 4 Seasons Hotel, physical therapy and chiropractic offices, and he has a 23 year association as a Senior/Lead Therapist with the US OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT where he provides sports­-based treatments for the players throughout the 3 weeks of the event. He has been the official backstage massage therapist for over 25 Broadway and Off­ Broadway productions and will begin work with the new Broadway musical DR. ZHIVAGO in the early Spring of 2015. He is frequently an adjunct therapist for the legendary Mariiknsky (aka Kirov) Ballet Company of St Petersburg, Russia when it appears at the Kennedy Center and in New York City. His massage clients have included a number of dance companies including those of Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Karole Armitage, David Parsons, and Complexions Dance Company.

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