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Date: Oct 23, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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For many centuries, Thai people have practiced a set of physical breathing exercises, now known collectively as Ruesri Dat Ton. Because its movements resemble Hatha yoga as popularized in the West, some practitioners have dubbed the art “Thai yoga.”

We have come to know Ruesri Dat Ton as a wonderful exercise that just about anyone can practice for self care, for health, meditation or enjoyment. The postures of Ruesri Dat Ton and the coordinated breathing make it easy to restore and harmonize the flow through energy pathways called SEN in Thai.

In Traditional Thai Medicine it is believed that the unimpeded and balanced flow of potential through the channels is beneficial to human health. In Thai, Ruesri Dat Ton means “ascetic self-stretching” or “hermit’s self-stretching,” “hermit’s twist,” etc. As the name indicates, Ruesri Dat Ton is believed to have originated among ancient hermits and ascetics who used special exercises to keep themselves healthy and help with meditation. Its traditional founder is Shivago Komarpaj, the Buddha’s physician, who is also the patron of Traditional Thai Medicine.

Ruesri Dat Ton isn’t the same as Hatha yoga, however they do seem to impart many of the same benefits to the mind and body. Some people also use the term “Yoga” when referring to Thai massage because Thai massage is like having another person do Yoga for you. Ruesri Dat Ton is one of the great treasures of Traditional Thai Medicine, and perhaps its best-kept secret. While many people have heard of and experienced Thai massage and its health benefits, the art of Ruesri Dat Ton is still largely unknown outside of Thailand. Benefits of Ruesri Dat Ton resemble those of Traditional Thai Massage. But unlike Thai Massage, which requires the help of a Thai Massage practitioner, the healing postures of Ruesri Dat Ton are intended to be performed alone.

Practitioners and teachers of Thai yoga have observed that its regular, correct practice:

• Warms up the body prior to doing meditation or a sporting activity

• Gives the body a well-rounded workout

• Increases flexibility

• Improves blood circulation

• Improves breathing capacity

• Improves mood and keeps the mind clear

• Helps treat muscle pain

• Relaxes and cools down the body after exercise.

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