A Practical Introduction to Vibrational Healing Arts Featuring Five Elements Healing and Nine Star Ki

Date: Oct 18, 2018 - Nov 8, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Online bookings are not available for this class, please see registration info below.


Oct. 18 & 25, Nov. 1 & 8 from 12-4pm
Early Bird Price: $175 (until Oct. 4th)
After Oct. 4th: $200

This class explores Nine Star Ki, a very easy to learn numerology system.

In ancient times healers were also astrologers and astronomers. They explored the planetary anatomy of the body and the universe and recognized that the microcosm was reflected in the macrocosm. A weakness in someone’s astrological chart could reveal an imbalance in the body. This system allowed for ‘preventive medicine’ with specificity. This 5-element paradigm became a tool for intentional self-healing or for assessing, using the generation and control cycles, to understand relationships between friends, family members or clients.

This class is for anyone interested in vibrational healing (sound, crystals, flower essences and shamanic healing) and exploring how vibrational healing works.

This class is for the beginning or advanced massage therapist of any persuasion who would like to develop more awareness and confidence in their practice. It provides a more nuanced approach to assessing clients’ energy, assessing the balance of their work space, or even teaching clients how to take more responsibility for their own health.

This class is for anyone who loves puzzles, magic glasses and cosmology and would like to see life from a new and enlarged perspective.

This class is for anyone who would like to try tuning forks as a way of experiencing planetary and five elements personal vibrations.

This class is for anyone who likes to mastermind with others to multiply learning experiences and generate some laughter yoga.

Barbara Flynn, MBA, LMT is a former math teacher, banking consultant and alternative health advocate who has an intense interest in connecting ancient healing arts with modern understanding thereby creating a new credibility for vibrational therapies. She is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and is in private practice.

Note: Minimum enrollment 6 students; Maximum enrollment 12 students

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