Now What: Your Purpose-Driven Workshop on Distraction-free, Drama-free, Peaceful Living

Date: Oct 19, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Kristin Kenney

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Workshop includes:
-Awareness: how to enter peace.
-The who, what, when, where and whys of the present moment awareness practice.
-Defining your story and discovering your purpose.
-Obstacles: understanding how they arise and the tool to mitigate them.
-Inner and outer space: Creating infinite space for yourself.
-Five minute meditation practice.
-Questions and Answers.
-Guided meditation practice.
-Questions and solutions.

Kristin Kenney found peace through introspection and study and teaches that
presence, peace and enlightenment are accessible to everyone, now. Out of a
limitless passion for health and wellness and an equal determination to share her
passion with others, Kristin Kenney creates a unique and transforming mind-
body experience for her clients – a practice that will lead to a healthy lifestyle
both in and outside of the classroom.

A wife, a mother of two beautiful children, a wellness coach, and a
businesswoman, Kristin understands the amount of time and energy that most
lifestyles claim. With this in mind, she helps real people achieve goals beyond
their expectations and converts the classroom into a haven from everyday stress
and distraction.

The success of her one-of-a-kind training style has not gone unnoticed. With
over 19 years of experience, she possesses certifications from the American
Council on Exercise, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Schwinn
Cycling, and holds certification in Pilates, prenatal and postnatal fitness. In
addition to her fitness classes, she privately trains women of all ages and fitness
levels, leads meditation workshops and does personal life coaching sessions.
Her expertise has been featured on national broadcast networks, as well as
nationally recognized publications such as PEOPLE Magazine and The New
York Times.

Kristin is known for her ability to relate, her compassion for others and
compelling, revitalizing classes. Her philosophy on healthy living is simple,
attainable and universally accessible. With the belief that wellness goes farther
than just skin deep, Kristin leaves her clients with not only a beautiful, strong
physique, but with a present, balanced state of mind.

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