Level Up Your Essential Oil Game

Date: Sep 14, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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$125 tickets reserved before Sept 1st (includes oil kit valued at $50)

$150 tickets reserved after Sept 1st (includes oil kit valued at $50)

Do you have a bunch of essential oils but don’t really know what/how you can use them?

Are you interested in more natural ways to reduce stress, improve sleep, manage pain?

Are you interested in deepening your spiritual practice and connecting with your spirit guides?

Are you interested in boosting your prosperity and materialization energies?

Expert Aromatherapist and Master Healer Shows Amazing Ways to Use Essential Oils

You love the remarkable health benefits of essential oils, but aren’t sure how to use them. We’re excited to present a top Medical Aromatherapist with 30 years experience. This eye-opening experiential workshop reveals the best ways to get amazing results from your favorite essential oils. Receive unmatched relaxation, wellness, spirit contact and much more. This is the workshop that will change how you view essential oils forever.

Experience unique, exotic, hard to find oils. Every participant gets FREE full-sized samples a $50 value. Reserve your place NOW!

This experiential session will include lecture and meditation.

You are welcome to bring your own oils and QUESTIONS!!

Greg Toews is a certified medical aromatherapist, certified Pranic Healer and accomplished researcher with 30 years and 45,000 clinical hours experience. He teaches classes internationally on essential oils and a variety of topics including Chakras and the Tree of Life, Etheric Healing with Essential Oil, The Sacred Art of Prosperity and Materialization with Essential Oils, Essential Oils and the Alchemical Processses of the Zodiac, Psychological Healing with Essential Oils.

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