Interviewing for a Job

Date: Mar 8, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Michael Alicia and Christine Mire Rose

3 NCBTMB CE Ethics Credits

Fee: $35

Friday Night Forums are New York State and NCBTMB certified for CE credit and taught in a forum style. They generally address ethical issues and challenges that therapists confront daily in the pursuit of massage as a career. The discussions, led by experienced LMTs, draw on the collective experience of the group in order to help participants explore the issues in a real-life, practicable way.

Selling Yourself or Interviewing for a Job and for Clients

In our profession we are always selling ourselves, our work, our skills and our profession. Regardless of whether we are just starting our career or we have been practicing for years, convincing potential clients and employers that we are worthy of their consideration for employment is an on-going endeavor.

In this forum we will start by trying to articulate our bodywork philosophy. If we can
clearly and concisely articulate why we are massage therapists and what our vision for
our work and the profession are, we will not only sound thoughtful and professional but
also be able to envision our path in the profession. Setting and articulating short and
long-term goals for ourselves and for potential employers becomes easier. In addition, we will:

  • Define where we have been, where we are, where we are going
  • Assess our strengths and weaknesses
  • Capitalize on our strengths
  • Strengthen our weaknesses
  • Define priorities for employment (money, hours, experience)
  • Working with specific populations
  • Working with other professionals
  • Benefits
  • Networking possibilities
  • Educational possibilities
  • Determine our value (in terms of money, what we need, what is possible, experience and skill)
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Creating a cover letter and resume
  • Preparing for the interview (researching employer, what to wear, what to bring)
  • Hands-on component
  • Interviewing the interviewer
  • The follow-up


Michael Alicia, LMT is the founder and director of Massage Space NYC. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992 with a thriving practice in Manhattan. Michael has been a teacher of Swedish massage, Shiatsu and Thai massage at the venerable Swedish Institute since 1994. He is also a visiting faculty member at the Therapeutic Massage Training Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the author of the Stretching Process DVD and Workshop and the Massage Therapist’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Business of Massage.

cmr headshot

Christine Mire Rose, LMT is an experienced Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. She is licensed in New York State and Nationally Certified by the NCBTMB with advanced training in Medical Massage techniques, Shiatsu and Reflexology. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and member of the national Yoga Alliance. In addition to her private practice, Christine teaches massage at the prestigious Swedish Institute of Health Science in New York and is a frequent instructor at the Integral Yoga Institute. Christine’s philosophy of care is based on the simple fact that your body can’t heal unless it is truly relaxed and that it’s impossible to think clearly when your body is not comfortable. Helping you achieve this ease and clarity is the foundation of her work. For more information, visit

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