Group Therapy: Massage Exchange & Networking Event

Date: Oct 1, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Rebecca Fenner

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I have a habit of holding my breath while I work. When I share this with other massage therapists I’m always shocked by how many admit to doing the same. What I have realized in my practice is that by connecting to my OWN breathing I become more aware of my CLIENT’S breathing. This may seem simple, yet requires a signifcant amount of concentration and it’s VITAL.

When we follow the client’s breath we are working within their body’s natural rhythm. This allows for deeper work both physically and energetically by building trust. Beyond that, when we help them connect to their breath we give each client access to a well of energy and oxygen within their own bodies that they often feel removed from. Releasing the breath through the diaphraghm can be a major key to unlocking the energy needed to heal, and the best place to begin is with ourselves!

What to Expect

To start we’ll be getting to know each other and chatting about massage over light refreshments. This month’s topic will surround the breath and how each of you address it during sessions. We’ll go over how to assess a client’s breathing and I will demo various ways to address the muscle of the month, the DIAPHRAGM.

Next we’ll partner up and start working on one another. Each person gives and receives a one hour hands on massage. This is your chance to try out new techniques and get feedback on how it feels. I will be giving individual pointers on body mechanics as the group works and fielding any questions that come up. After the hands on portion is complete the group will reconvene and discuss the experience and what they took out of it.

What to Bring

Refreshments and linens are included in the ticket price. All you need to bring is your favorite unscented oil/gel/lotion to work with!

Hope you can join us!

Rebecca Fenner has been a massage therapist since 2010. She currently runs her own practice at 11th and Broadway and has been a teaching assistant at the Swedish Institute since 2013. She completed the graduate studies program at CATA in 2015, and has furthered her studies abroad in Thailand and Costa Rica. Her passion is to inspire massage therapists to deepen their work, expand their technique and learn how to communicate more effectively with their clients.

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