Flow. Push. Unwind.

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Date: Jul 24, 2017
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

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Playfully explore your potential with somatic re-engineering!

with Thom Paul, LMT

Join me on an adventure through my lifetime of immersion in physical culture. I’ll share my favorite exercises, tricks, games, skills, and drills from Taoist Internal Martial Arts, Capoeira Angola, Kodokan Judo, Parkour, Thai massage, Myofascial Release, and several other more exotic corners of the movement world. As a certifiable physio-geek, I’ll be connecting the dots with anatomical terminology, and a focus on safety and precision. Bring a notebook if you’d like!

I believe that good movement is our birthright, and that play improves our lives by expanding our ability to be both conscious and kind.

Regardless of your current level of aptitude or ability, there is a way to gently challenge you while nurturing you rigorously. Let’s find it.

Clinic Chairperson and instructor at the venerable Swedish Institute, Thom Paul, LMT comes to CATA well equipped to assist with Thai massage classes as well as the Thai Clinic. Also a Tai Chi instructor, Thom is an amazingly skilled and compassionate therapist and teacher, giving students both the instruction and confidence necessary to blossom and grow in the development of their own individual styles.

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