Exploring the Breath Introductory Retreat

Date: Feb 8, 2015
Time: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

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Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit:

Using the Breath, Meditation, Yoga, and Massage in Combination

$60 Registration on Day of Class
$55 Pre Registration
$45 Bring-a-friend Discount

Our mission is to cultivate a set of tools and techniques to use in our everyday lives to help us deal with those stresses that throw us out of balance physically and energetically. Using yoga, meditation, breathing and massage techniques, we will demonstrate easy effective ways to bring the body, mind and spirit back into alignment so we are happier, healthier and more productive.

This retreat will explore:
Focusing the mind through meditation
Anatomy of Massage
Closing/integration/Q & A

Christine Schneiderchristine is a Licensed Massage Therapist and specializes in massage therapy for vocal health and TMJ therapy. She is part of a network of Speech Pathologists, Otolaryngologists, and Psychotherapists that provide care for people with vocal trauma. She has shadowed Dr. Amin and Dr. Branski at the NYU Voice Center to stay up to date with intrinsic laryngeal injuries and treatment so that she can provide the best care possible for the extrinsic muscles. In February 2013, she had the privilege of traveling to London and privately tutoring with Dr. Jacob Lieberman in Laryngeal Massage. She has completed additional certification in TMJ therapy, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy. She is a professional singer and is currently a vocal student of one of New York’s busiest and respected voice teachers, Joan Lader, who she has studied with for the past seven years. She is a resident therapist at The Center for the Advancement of Therapeutic Arts (CATA NYC) where she continues to enhance her knowledge in the field of massage therapy. Christine’s technique is a mixture of Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue massage.

Chris Dilley Chris 3 hi-rezhas over 20 years experience teaching acting and
voice, and founded the Chris Dilley Vocal Studio in 2008. He
teaches both private voice, and a group vocal class called “Power
Breathing For Singers”. Chris has traveled the world performing
with a cappella theater sensations Voca People and The Kinsey
Sicks. He is an active performing member of Broadway
Inspirational Voices, and has shared stages with such artists
as Sting, Jennifer Lopez, India.Arie, Lara Fabian, Ledisi, Carol
Channing, and Tyne Daly. For more info on Chris’ classes and
performances, check out www.chrisdilley.com.

photo-2Joseph Glaser, a native of San Diego, California, has always been drawn to the enrichment of life that Yoga brings.
He began practicing Yoga in 2006 and eventually was led to his first training program, studying vinyasa, at Sonic Yoga in NYC. It was through this training that he met his current teacher, Will Duprey. Through studying with Will, Joseph has come to know and love a classical Hatha Yoga lineage. Training in small groups and a traditional one on one setting. He continues to study deeply with and assist his teacher. Joseph has taught hundreds of students in classes,workshops, and retreats all over the country. He has developed and led teacher training programs and is currently serving his teacher as part of the Hathavidya teacher training program. Joseph’s class melds a unique blend of light heartedness and a disciplined focus to gain awareness of the Self and to harmonize the body and mind. He presents the teachings of Hatha Yoga in a practical way and encourages their use in everyday life.

Kristin KenneyKristin.Kenney.2014-8844
found peace through introspection and study and teaches that presence, peace and enlightenment are accessible to everyone, now. Out of a limitless passion for health and wellness and an equal determination to share her passion with others, Kristin Kenney creates a unique and transforming mind-body experience for her clients – a practice that will lead to a healthy lifestyle both in and outside of the classroom.

A wife, a mother of two beautiful children, a wellness coach, and a
businesswoman, Kristin understands the amount of time and energy that most
lifestyles claim. With this in mind, she helps real people achieve goals beyond
their expectations and converts the classroom into a haven from everyday stress
and distraction.

The success of her one-of-a-kind training style has not gone unnoticed. With
over 19 years of experience, she possesses certifications from the American
Council on Exercise, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Schwinn
Cycling, and holds certification in Pilates, prenatal and postnatal fitness. In
addition to her fitness classes, she privately trains women of all ages and fitness
levels, leads meditation workshops and does personal life coaching sessions.
Her expertise has been featured on national broadcast networks, as well as
nationally recognized publications such as PEOPLE Magazine and The New
York Times.

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