Evaluate Posture in Extension

Date: Feb 15, 2013
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Gina Schatz

Fee: $15

In an optimal blueprint of standing, the structure of the body is balanced and core strength is developed. The Schatz Method is an integrated approach of bodywork that provides assessment tools to more accurately address a client’s needs while enabling practitioners to have greater insight into misalignment and compensation patterns.  In this series of four classes, we will explore postural analysis and the mechanics of optimal standing while uncovering compensation patterns from a structural balancing perspective.  Students will gain a broader knowledge base, greater expertise, and skill set for understanding how to improve alignment, strengthen the core and stabilize the pelvic floor.

Evaluate Posture in Extension
This first class in the series is a comprehensive introduction to optimal standing, postural analysis and re-patterning.  Students will learn evaluation of posture in extension and how to measure the structure in extension from the practice of structural balancing to glean important information about what to treat first.  We will thoroughly explore structural analysis, gain insight into alignment patterns that produce pain and injury and identify compensation patterns.

ginaschatzGina Schatz, BA, LMT, NCTBM E-RYT Gina is a change agent: she changes people’s relationship to pain, injury and injury prevention through movement and hands-on therapy. She developed a method to assist bodies in functioning to their optimal potential and shares this method nationally with other practitioners to support them in transforming their practices. Gina’s fascination with the way the body moves and intrinsic strength began as a young girl and influenced everything from her work to pastime activities, leading her into more than a decade of dance instruction and yoga studies. She has been known to stop people on the street and offer them an ankle tracking or other simple therapeutics when they are exhibiting pain. This behavior is more acceptable in NYC. Prior to relocating permanently to NYC, Gina owned and operated a successful private practice in Cleveland for 19 years and was the CEO and creative director to Cleveland’s first integrated wellness clinic. Currently she teaches her method to all hands-on practitioners nationally, teaches anatomy to several Yoga Alliance certified schools and is licensed and sees clients privately in New York, Ohio and California. www.ginaschatz.com

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