Carrie Taylor: Whiplash & Cervical Disc Herniations

Date: Mar 9, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Whiplash, Cervical Disc Herniations, & Related Disorders

This workshop is an in-depth look at disorders that develop as a result of whiplash injuries, particularly as they apply to cervical hyperlordosis or kyphosis, two very different but common presentations post injury. Therapists will review the muscles, bones, nerve plexi, and other connective tissue structures involved in the anterior, lateral, and posterior cervical spine. How to do a thorough assessment, and to then translate that information into an effective treatment plan for the patient is emphasized. Advanced treatment techniques for cervical disc herniations are demonstrated, with plenty of time to practice and gain mastery of this delicate region.

NY/FL state and NCBTMB approved CEUS: 8 CEUs

Cost: $300/day if late sign up (within two weeks of class), $250/day for two classes within one month of class, $225/day for multiple class sign up more than one month before march 8th, and $200/day for sign up for all four classes two months before march 8th (Jan 8th Deadline).

Discounted dvds available: $225/one set, $200 each/2 box sets,$ 175 each/all three sets

Level 1 book discount: $60 downloadable version, $80 hardcopy (presale before it releases-expected Jan 2018)

Carrie Taylor is a British Columbia Registered Massage Therapist, a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Personal Trainer, an instructor at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, the founder of Taylor Techniques, Inc., and mother of two!

As a life-long athlete and competitive bodybuilder, she became a certified personal trainer in 1990. Her love of movement and athletics led her to pursue a degree in Massage Therapy from the prestigious West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After she received her Masters level degree in Rehabilitative Massage Therapy, she moved to New York City to teach at the prominent Swedish Institute.

Taylor Techniques, Inc. was founded in 2001, and started in New York City as several wellness centers, where clients could be seen by therapists who were trained by Carrie. As the public has become more educated on the benefits of Myofascial Release, and as Carrie’s clinical practice and private workshops in her technique grew, she started teaching a Myofascial Certification program to licensed massage therapists. In 2013, the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, the leading school of massage therapy in the US, added “The Taylor Technique Myofascial Certification” to their prestigious certification roster. The program consists of ten level I and ten level II mastery level classes, where LMTs become certified in treating the entire body fascially, as well as becoming proficient at treating a variety of difficult disorders with success. Carrie also teaches private workshops in NY and NJ, as well as traveling to other states to certify licensed manual therapists in the Taylor Technique of Myofascial Release. She is a continuing education credit provider registered with the NCBTMB as of 2013 and is available for speaking engagements, as well as designing specific workshops to meet the growing public demand for this work. Carrie is dedicated to satisfying therapists’ need for learning treatment strategies to become more successful and effective, while creating a injury-free career that lasts.

She has established herself as an exceptional therapist and is renowned for her comprehensive treatment of the body integrating; Postural Assessment & Re-balancing, Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue Treatment, Breast Treatment (post surgical), TMJ Syndrome Treatment, Migraine Treatment, Fitness Training (including recovery and getting fit after C-section), and Nutrition Counseling.

***Carrie Taylor-Ollis is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. (NCBTMB Provider # 710407-100)***

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