Assessment and Application of Oncology Massage

Date: Dec 12, 2015
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Rebecca Smith, LMT, LLCC and Felicia Newsome, LMT

Prerequisite: Introduction to Oncology Massage (or Equivalent)
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This course is designed as a focused practicum to help students assimilate and apply the material from the foundational courses in the oncology massage program: Introduction to Oncology Massage, Safe Massage for Oncology Patients with Lymphedema and Pharmacological Considerations for Oncology Massage. Alternate bolstering and draping will be practiced in depth. Hands-on time will also include practice of modifying standard massage techniques and
pressure required for safe yet effective massage for the oncology population. Case studies presented will hone students’ critical thinking skills, especially as related to formulation of treatment plans, adaptations to intake protocols, and communication with the client’s medical team.

At the end of this course students will be able to:

 Explore cautions and contraindications based on client’s medical history, cancer type, and medications

 Discuss what complaints may present based on disease, medications and standard chemo treatment options

 Demonstrate understanding of information vital to oncology population intake

 Delineate necessary questions to consider for intake form(s)

 Demonstrate understanding of use of standard oncological medical devices and prosthetics

 Demonstrate appropriate use of alternate positioning as needed to safely provide full-body massage for clients
with medical device attachments

 Demonstrate how to safely and appropriately work with clients with medical devices in seated position

 Demonstrate how to adapt standard bolstering for clients with special considerations including but not limited
to post-operative pain, lymphedema cautions, axillary web syndrome, etc.

 Show understanding of appropriate use of various touch pressures

 Verbalize for clients when and why it is necessary to modify intensity of pressure used during massage

 Demonstrate adaptations to common massage techniques to facilitate effective tissue change while following
necessary precautions

 Demonstrate knowledge of common side-effects from specific classes of chemotherapy agents

 Demonstrate knowledge of contraindications due to oncological medications and how to modify massage
session accordingly

 Strategize during intake to modify session plans due to client’s reported medication side-effects

 Understand when necessary to refer client to another practitioner, modality, or to contact client’s medical team

 Demonstrate appropriate use of PPE (personal protective equipment) – to glove or not to glove

 Discuss and effectively write massage session notes.

Rebecca Smith copyRebecca Smith, LMT, LLCC is a licensed massage therapist and certified Lymphedema Therapist (LLCC). She received her BFA in Modern Dance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she studied anatomy and kinesiology in addition to her arts education. Her interest in manual therapies began at UNCSA while receiving on-going physical therapy for chronic and acute injuries. After graduating she continued her movement education, adding Pilates instruction and personal training to her repertoire before continuing her manual studies. These studies include CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute and Lymph Drainage Therapy through the Chikly Institute. She has deepened her understanding of anatomy by studying human dissection with Gil Headly, and studied lymphedema therapy with Renee Romero of the Lymphedema Institute of America. Rebecca is a graduate of the renowned Swedish Institute in New York City. Rebecca currently works with a wide range of clients, including current and former cancer patients, clients with lymphedema, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, chronic migraines, or severe anxiety issues. She also works with clients who are looking to address chronic issues, restore function, decrease pain, and or bolster their immune system function. In addition to her private practice, Rebecca works with cancer patients at NYU’s Perlmutter Cancer Center and teaches Wellness classes at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s NY chapter. Rebecca’s work, whether via manual therapy or movement re-education, helps clients restore and bring more balance to their body. Her goal is to help them find more confidence and freedom of movement on multiple levels.

IMG_4583Felicia Newsome, LMT has been a Massage Therapist specializing in Oncology since 2005. She began her comprehensive training at Memorial Sloane-Kettering’s Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center and, in 2009, joined the NYU Langone Medical Center to work directly with patients receiving chemo-infusions. Felicia combines practical massage techniques with constructive assessment skills into sessions that address both symptoms of disease and side effects of treatment. Her extensive training in both in-patient and out-patient Oncology Massage, coupled with her passion to help restore the mind-body connection, enhances the quality of life for her clients diagnosed with cancer.

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