Yuritzi Govea

Contact: yuritzigovealmt@gmail.com

Yuritzi’s practice goes beyond the table. She believes that in order to have a better quality of life and experience changes, there has to be an investment in exchange for the experience. As a BodyMind coach she is dedicated to help her clients create a healthy relationship with stress by helping them learn the language the body speaks, and by providing customized one-on-one programs; her clients are relieved of the ongoing pain, stress, exhaustion and toxicity built up from years of constant burnout by becoming aware of their subconscious habits and patterns (some of which may have been passed by generations of cultural/social programming).

Yuritzi’s studies in massage therapy started in a shamanic therapeutic massage school in Mexico back in 2004. She later obtained her degree from the Swedish Institute in NY in Western and Eastern Modalities. Her academic background also includes computer science, contemporary dance, mat Pilates, Bowen Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and obtaining a certificate specializing in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Lymphedema Therapy from the Vodder School.

A professional dancer herself, Yuritzi has been fortunate to work with dancers, spas, athletes, in the corporate world, spiritual retreats and ashrams in US, Mexico and India by sharing her experience in massage and manual therapies along with movement among other settings. Her experiences have allowed her to provide a connection with people through patience, understanding and tolerance that experiencing culture at an international level have allowed her to learn. She feels it is wise to learn about the emotion-mind-body-diet relationship to take health and wellness seriously and is happy to be a guide to those looking to take that step.