Ria Magtoto

Ria Magtoto


Ria Magtoto is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). She received her training and education from the Swedish Institute and has been a massage therapist since 2006. She specializes in medical massage incorporating manual therapy, myofascial techniques, PNF stretches, trigger point therapy and acupressure points (Shiatsu). She is also skilled in Deep Tissue, Sports massage, Pre/Post Natal and (Ka-wa-yan Healing) Warm Bamboo Structural Integration.

In fact, Warm Bamboo Structural Integration treatment is Ria’s “baby”, which she created in the summer of 2012 by being creative and thinking outside of the box. She originated a treatment plan linking the Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers, Acupuncture Meridian Pathways and reflexology , incorporating Warm Bamboo to give her clients optimum relief and to help manage and alleviate their pain.

Currently she is studying to obtain her certification for Myoskeletal Alignment. Through core strengthening with Pilates exercises combined with Myoskeletal Alignment techniques she aspires to specialize in treating Low Back, Hip and Leg pain.

Ria’s treatment is tailored to her clients’ individual needs to help alleviate stress, relieve pain, and increase flexibility. It is her priority to help her clients find relief and feel rejuvenated.

60 min treatments $100
90 min treatments $150