The Neck Series

The neck and shoulders could arguably be the most frequently requested area to receive massage work. Along with the low back, the neck is probably the bread and butter of most massage practices. In massage school the aspiring therapist is taught the anatomy of the cervical spine and basic postural imbalances of the head, neck and shoulders. Most modalities have their own approach for dealing with neck issues. For the curious and dedicated therapist, exploring new or alternative ways of working, regardless of the area of focus, can expand one’s vision and approach for solving a problem or at the very least add variety to one’s practice.

Finding the right tool for the job is always the ideal approach to any work and so filling one’s toolbox with a variety of tools is a goal unto itself. I have always maintained that our focus as LMTs should remain on the work and so continuing education is the best and most proactive way to enhance one’s knowledge base and grow one’s client base.

To this end, the Master Class Series will present a 4-part neck series, “Neck Assessment and Treatment Protocols.” In the first class, coming up on March 14th, we will combine eastern and western approaches to assessment including western techniques like structural integration, postural assessment, and orthopedic manual testing and an eastern modality like Sotai. The second class will demonstrate treatment protocols for the posterior neck. The third and fourth classes will deal with the anterior neck and will be taught by Christine Schneider, who specializes in laryngal therapy.

– Michael Alicia

Class 1: (March 14) – Eastern and Western Assessment Tools (Michael Alicia)
Class 2: (April 18) – Posterior Neck Protocols (Michael Alicia)

Class 3: (May 16) – Anterior Neck Assessment Tools (Christine Schneider)
Class 4: (June 13) Anterior Neck Protocols (Christine Schneider)

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