From Reinhold, LMT

In the times of Buddha, the most famous among the physicians was Jivaka Kuma Bhacca, (known as Shivaga Komarpaj in Thailand today) who was described as giving free attention to the Buddha himself.

The fame of Jivaka as a healer was extensively well known and the stories on his life and skills are prominent in Thera Veda Buddhist writings. As the father of Medicine, the teachings of Shivago traveled to Thailand along with the monks who propagated it. Shivaga Komarpaj became the central figure of the Buddhist medical system in Thailand and the guide and inspiration for practitioners of Traditional Thai Massage.

This sophisticated, sequenced, deeply interactive, rhythmic acupressure amongst muscles, fascia and Sen pathways, in concert with assisted stretches and yoga-like movement, is an integrated approach stimulating the nature within every human being to right one’s self. “Uninhibiting” the ultimate flow of our potential, resulting in an enlivened calm with the recipient.

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