Massage Taught Me How to Hear My Body

CATA’s Oncology Massage Training & Certification program is designed to teach massage therapists how they can work safely and effectively with oncology clients. Read on to learn the difference that massage has made to one of our program volunteers, who received massage regularly during treatment and recovery.


I did not expect the medical profession to teach me how to heal myself. The thing that shocked me as a patient was how the act of human touch through massage helped me overcome my fear and thus to this day, serves as a ​viable ​tool ​which I call upon ‘as needed’ ​to heal myself.”

“Human touch had the ability to quiet the noise so I could ​face ​my treatment.”

“I had to find a way to manage my fear, to feel aligned. Every time I walked out (of a massage session), I was centered. ‘Massage’ held space for me — helping me find center (and thus myself) again.”

“The sum of it all: massage taught me how to navigate three years of treatment. Today, I still need help managing my myofascial restrictions and my fear, so, I continue to use massage to heal myself, and to learn how to take the best care of me going forward.”

Thank you for eloquently describing how oncology massage has been an essential part of your care, and for reminding our students how powerful human touch can be.

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