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Master Class Series 2016

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This year the Master Class Series will be a series of bodywork technique classes. The material will be determined by the participants on the day of the class, or by the instructor, Michael Alicia.

If you would like to see a particular protocol or review work to a particular part of the body or for a particular condition, feel free to email at least a week in advance.

Class will meet approximately once a month on Mondays from 11:15am to 1:15pm.

Feb. 1, Feb. 22, Mar. 14, Apr. 18, May 16, June 13, July 18, Sept. 12, Oct. 17, Nov. 14.

Price: $25/class, or $100 for a series of 5 classes paid in advance.

What to Bring: Sheet, towel, pillow case, lubricant and shorts and sports bra for women (in case we do postural analysis).

These classes do not award CEs.

If you are interested in learning more or reserving your place in a class, email


Michael Alicia, LMT is the Founder and Director of CATA, NYC. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992 with a thriving practice in Manhattan.  Referrals come from long-time satisfied clients, New York’s Broadway and Ballet communities, as well as doctors and chiropractors who prescribe massage for acute injury, chronic pain, stress reduction and performance enhancement. His therapeutic sessions are crafted with an eye toward resolving chronic problems using a variety of techniques, including various forms of massage like Swedish, deep tissue, medical massage, shiatsu and Thai massage, while also including rehabilitative exercises in the form of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Michael has been a teacher of Swedish massage, shiatsu and Thai massage at the venerable Swedish Institute since 1994. He is also a visiting faculty member at the Therapeutic Massage Training Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He is the author of The Massage Therapist’s Handbook and The Stretching Process DVD and Workshop.

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