Master Class, 4/18

The Neck Series Part 2: Sotai

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In our ongoing exploration of the neck, we will examine an eastern form of PNF bodywork balancing called Sotai. As you may know, PNF- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – exercises engage the physiological components of the neuromuscular system. The muscle spindles and golgi tendon mechanisms are employed to release tension and holding in muscle tissue to affect change in the tissue locally and improved postural balance globally.

In Sotai the vocabulary is more poetic as Eastern philosophy, which is the backbone of Eastern medicine, tends to be. So instead of contracted or hyper-toned muscle tissue, we would see and feel a yang (full) expression of Qi or energy.

The overall goal in Sotai is to promote balance by releasing tight areas for increased function and improved flow of Qi. The form starts with a visual and tactile form of assessment to determine yin (empty) and yang (full), soft and hard or full range and limited range of motion. Then using active range-of-motion exercises (muscle spindle and golgi tendon mechanisms), where the client participates both in the assessment and the treatment protocol, the practitioner takes the client through a full-body session for assessing and treating postural imbalances and hyper-toned muscles. Clients are directed to move from hard areas (yin-contracted) to soft areas (yang-less contracted) with light resistance (equal to the weight of an egg) to release and reset the muscle tone and move the body toward greater balance.

In this class we will isolate the protocol and learn the techniques for treating the neck.

Hope to see you there–Monday, 4/17, 11:15-1:15.

Michael Alicia

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