Locating Your Inner Healer

lewisLewis Mehl-Madrona

Native American philosophy teaches us that all healing is fundamentally spiritual healing. What this means is that any technique works much better when the person’s inner healer is activated. 

This profound, but elusive part of our self (according to Native American philosophy) organizes healing of body, mind, and soul. What this inner healer is, varies from tribe to tribe, and culture to culture.

Some call it spirit. Others call it soul. Others call it Self. When it is activated, people feel transformed. They feel “in the flow”; present-centered, mindful, empowered, and intuitively aware of what they need for healing. Our goal is to locate this inner healer.

“What approach or method will best heal me?”

While it is true that some approaches have more proven biological efficacy than others, both research on the self-healing response and the philosophy of indigenous healers teaches us that most important is the person in the healing process. If your inner healer is activated and functioning for you, almost anything can work. If it is not, very little can work. Drugs and surgery are such extreme measures that the need for the inner healer can be detoured, but my experience has been that eventually we do need to meet our inner healer or pharmacologically treated disease returns or worsens and new conditions arise.

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