Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

What to Expect

CATA’s reopening plan for massage therapy complies with all the requirements imposed by NY State. These requirements are detailed below.

Physical Distancing: To ensure employees comply with physical distancing requirements, we will do the following:
Ensure 6 ft. distance between personnel, unless safety or core function of the work activity requires a shorter distance. Any time personnel are less than 6 ft. apart from one another, personnel must wear acceptable face coverings.

  • Tightly confined spaces will be occupied by only one individual at a time, unless all occupants are wearing face coverings. If occupied by more than one person, we will keep occupancy under 50% of maximum capacity.
  • Post social distancing markers using tape or signs that denote 6 ft. of spacing in commonly used and other applicable areas on the site (e.g. clock in/out stations, health screening stations)
  • Limit in-person gatherings as much as possible and use tele- or video-conferencing whenever possible. Essential in-person gatherings (e.g. meetings) should be held in open, well-ventilated spaces with appropriate social distancing among participants.
  • Establish designated areas for pick-ups and deliveries, limiting contact to the extent possible.
  • During massage therapy session: massage therapists will wear face mask, goggles or face shield throughout the day and fresh nitrile gloves for cleaning between clients, and lab coat, smock or scrubs for each client.

How will we manage engagement with customers and visitors on these requirements (as applicable)?

  • We will inform clients beforehand of safety precautions/requirements.
  • Request clients stay home if they have experienced cold of flu symptoms within the last 14 days
  • Request clients not arrive early for appointments – waiting area will be closed
  • Request clients not enter space until therapist escorts them in
  • Require client’s temperature taken before entering studio (100.4 threshold)
  • Require face mask for the entire visit except in prone (face down) position
  • Require hand washing upon entry
  • Request that clients not touch any surface upon entry
  • Provide a specific sanitized space for personal belongings in treatment room

How will we manage industry-specific physical social distancing (e.g., shift changes, lunch breaks)?

  • Request staff and clients to maintain 6’ social distance at all times
  • Define ample classroom space for staff breaks and lunch

Protective Equipment: To ensure employees comply with protective equipment requirements, we agree that we will provide employees with an acceptable face covering at no cost to the employee and have an adequate supply of coverings in case of replacement.

What quantity of face coverings – and any other PPE – will we need to procure to ensure that we always have a sufficient supply on hand for employees and visitors? How will we procure these supplies?

  • We have procured ample stock of face masks, nitrile gloves, and face shields, and smocks/lab coats/scrubs.
  • We have requested that staff find reliable supply source for PPE.
  • Face coverings must be cleaned or replaced after use or when damaged or soiled, may not be shared, and should be properly stored or discarded.

What policy will we implement to ensure that PPE is appropriately cleaned, stored, and/or discarded?

  • We will require staff to space appointment times (30 minute interim) to prevent cross-over traffic and allow ample time for disinfecting treatment room, restroom, and equipment.
  • Disinfection of all treatment room surface areas – countertops, light switches, doorknobs, restroom
  • Sanitize massage furniture – massage table, face cradle
  • Sanitize floor and air filter with disinfecting antiviral spray between appointments and at end of the day
  • Sanitize bathroom sink, toilet, door knobs and light switch after each client
  • We will limit the sharing of objects and discourage touching of shared surfaces; or when in contact with shared objects or frequently touched areas, wear gloves (trade-appropriate or medical); or, sanitize or wash hands before and after contact.

List common objects that are likely to be shared between employees. What measures will we implement to ensure the safety of employees when using these objects?
We will require disinfection of any shared surface after each appointment – light switches, doorknobs, water cooler, restroom fixtures.

Hygiene and Cleaning: To ensure employees comply with hygiene and cleaning requirements, we will do the following:
Adhere to hygiene and sanitation requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH) and maintain cleaning logs on site that document date, time, and scope of cleaning.

Who will be responsible for maintaining a cleaning log? Where will the log be kept?

Owner – Michael Alicia, with staff cooperation. Log will be stored in locked filing cabinet at reception. We will provide and maintain hand hygiene stations for personnel, including handwashing with soap, water, and paper towels, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol for areas where handwashing is not feasible.

Where on the work location will we provide employees with access to the appropriate hand hygiene and/or sanitizing products and how will we promote good hand hygiene?

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in every room and hand wipes will be placed at the entrance and in the restroom for operating doorknobs and light switches.
  • We will conduct regular cleaning and disinfection at least after every shift, daily, or more frequently as needed, and frequent cleaning and disinfection of shared objects (e.g. tools, machinery) and surfaces, as well as high transit areas, such as restrooms and common areas.

What policies will we implement to ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of our worksite and any shared objects or materials, using products identified as effective against COVID-19?

  • All staff will be required to wear gloves and use antiseptic hand wipes to operate light switches and door knobs throughout the day.
  • All staff will be required to use antiseptic spray and disinfecting wipes on all treatment room surface areas and equipment after each appointment and at the end of the day – countertops, wood flooring, carpeting, air filters, massage tables and face cradles, massage oil bottles, workout equipment, towel cabinets, water cooler.
  • Staff will escort clients throughout the public space to monitor and disinfect all surface areas throughout the day

Communication: To ensure that CATA complies with communication requirements, we agree that we will do the following:

  • Post signage throughout the site to remind personnel to adhere to proper hygiene, social distancing rules, appropriate use of PPE, and cleaning and
    disinfecting protocols.
  • Establish a communication plan for employees, visitors, and customers with a consistent means to provide updated information.
  • Maintain a continuous log of every person, including workers and visitors, who may have close contact with other individuals at the work site or area; excluding deliveries that are performed with appropriate PPE or through contactless means; excluding customers, who may be encouraged to provide contact information to be logged but are not mandated to do so.

Which employee(s) will be in charge of maintaining a log of each person that enters the site (excluding customers and deliveries that are performed with appropriate PPE or through contactless means), and where will the log be kept?

  • We will post a sign that prohibits anyone (delivery and mail persons included) from entering the space without a mask and gloves.
  • We will provide disinfecting wipes at the entrance for all visitors to use to disinfect hands and to use to open the door to limit transmission.
  • Each staff member will be responsible for entering all clients and visitors that enter the space.
  • Each staff member will be responsible for disinfecting and maintaining their personal treatment room, entering clients names and contact info into the log and checking off and signing maintenance log daily.
  • One staff member will be responsible for disinfecting and maintaining public space, checking off and signing maintenance log daily.
  • The maintenance log will be kept in locked filing cabinet at reception for data entry and for reference.

If a worker tests positive for COVID-19, we will immediately notify state and local health departments and cooperate with contact tracing efforts, including notification of potential contacts, such as workers or visitors who had close contact with the individual, while maintaining confidentiality required by state and federal law and regulations.

If a worker tests positive for COVID-19, which employee(s) will be responsible for notifying state and local health departments?

Michael Alicia, as the owner of the establishment, will notify state and local health departments if any staff member tests positive.

Screening:  To ensure that we comply with protective equipment requirements, we agree that we will do the following:
Implement mandatory health screening assessment (e.g. questionnaire, temperature check) before employees begin work each day and for essential visitors, asking about (1) COVID-19 symptoms in past 14 days, (2) positive COVID-19 test in past 14 days, and/or (3) close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in past 14 days. Assessment responses must be reviewed every day and such review must be documented.

What type(s) of daily health and screening practices will we implement? 

  • Each staff member will submit a signed health intake screening form for themselves and for their clients to be signed by both.
  • Each staff member will screen their individual clients with a pre-appointment health intake screening form to be signed by the client and practitioner.
  • Prior to reopening, staff will be supplied with intake form and infrared no-touch thermometers and instructed on the proper protocol for screening, HIPPA regulations for privacy, and proper disinfection techniques for screening process and daily disinfection of space and equipment.

How much PPE will be required for the responsible parties carrying out the screening practices? How will we supply this PPE?
Staff will determine and supply their personal PPE for themselves and their clients. CATA has purchased 100 shields and a dozen boxes of gloves and masks as a back-up supply for the staff and their clients.

Contact tracing and disinfection of contaminated areas: To ensure that we comply with contact tracing and disinfection requirements, we agree that we will do the following:
Have a plan for cleaning, disinfection, and contact tracing in the event of a positive case.

In the case of an employee testing positive for COVID-19, how will we clean the applicable contaminated areas? What products identified as effective against COVID-19 will we need and how will we acquire them?

  • Cleaning agent (surfaces) : Optim Blue Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant
  • Optim Disinfectant Wipes
  • Supplier: Dental Market

In the case of an employee testing positive for COVID-19, how will we trace close contacts in the workplace? How will we inform close contacts that they may have been exposed to COVID-19?

  • Each staff member will keep a log of all clients’ date and time of visit
  • Each staff member will keep a log of all clients’ email and phone, and notifications will be made by email or phone.

Additional Information:

We will refer to forward.ny.gov and applicable Executive Orders at governor.ny.gov/executive orders on a periodic basis or whenever notified of the availability of new guidance.