Body Mechanics, Body Mechanics, Body Mechanics

This may seem an odd way to introduce Joe Muscolino and his COMT series (Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy) at CATA, but one of the things I admire most about his work is his integration of good body mechanics in his teaching.

I met Joe this past April at the AMTA NY state convention. His clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques workshop was a breath of fresh air for me because besides being chock-full of valuable assessment and treatment techniques, every technique was taught with an eye toward working effectively and efficiently using good body mechanics. For the practitioner looking for classes with solid assessment tools and a variety of techniques for addressing orthopedic issues AND getting a refresher in good body mechanics, this class is for you. We will be offering 6 COMT classes starting in February and running intermittently through November.

The first–COMT: Neck–takes place Feb. 27th & 28th.

Michael Alicia

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